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Blackhawks provide return timeline for Bedard after surgery

Published January 22, 2024 at 5:47 PM
One story everyone was keeping a close eye on entering this season was the Calder race. The Calder trophy is the trophy given to the best rookie player through a full season. The obvious leader coming into the season was Connor Bedard, who still stands as the favourite over halfway through the season.

Connor Bedard was touted to be the best prospect since Connor McDavid, and delivered on his hype by posting 15 goals and 33 points in 39 goals, on a terrible Blackhawks team. Although it's not as impressive as McDavid, it is still very impressive due to some highlight reel plays.

Unfortunately, on January 5th he left the game due to a fractured jaw, threatening his run at the Calder trophy. Thankfully we get an update from the Blackhawks on when we can expect him to return:

This puts Bedard out until around the week of March 4th, giving him 21 game at most to play. It'll be interesting to see if he can still win the calder and play at the high level he has, or if another rookie with surprise everyone and take him over for the award. All we can do is wait to see how he can play when he comes back, and if we get to see anymore Michigan goals.
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Blackhawks provide return timeline for Bedard after surgery

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