Recent performance from Campbell up options for Oilers

Noel Drolet
January 24, 2024  (7:51 PM)

Jack Campbell in net for Bakersfield Condors
Photo credit: The Hockey News

Jack Campbell has been the only reminder this season of the old Oilers we saw at the start of the year. Drastic measures needed to be taken, and for the Oilers it seemed like addition by subtraction was the best answer. News on Campbell has been pretty quiet as of recently, but it seems like Campbell is finally finding his feet in the AHL.

Despite the hot performance from him, it seems like nothing too urgent is going to be done. I believe this is the right move for the Oilers, just to keep things the same. Since Campbell has so long left on his contract, it may be smart to keep him down in the AHL for the whole year despite how well he may play. The Oilers have to do all they can to make sure Campbell is serviceable in the three years he still has left under contract, so he can serve them as a backup in the future.
The Oilers are also looking towards a record-breaking win streak run right now, so it's become obvious that no change is necessary. The Oilers have Calvin Pickard as a backup who currently holds a .902 save percentage. If Campbell were to get called up right now it would still only be as a backup, and you risk lowering his confidence if he plays poorly again. Pickard also has to pass waivers to be sent back down, and losing him for free to a team in need of goaltending is definitely not the move.
It is great to see that Campbell is performing at the top of his game again, and if he can carry this through to next year, he can secure his spot in the tandem with Stuart Skinner, and can look for a fresh start to his season next year.
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Recent performance from Campbell up options for Oilers

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