McBain and Lomberg fighting.
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Panthers and Coyotes look for revenge with multiple fights off opening draw

Published January 24, 2024 at 5:54 PM
These two teams may not be traditional hockey markets or large fanbases, but the players on the Florida Panthers and Arizona Coyotes are warriors like any NHLer. The last time these two teams met, some animosity boiled over when several big hits that caused injuries went uncalled, and players were looking for retaliation. They must have circled today on the calendar, because even in warmups, these two teams were chirping.

Then as soon as the puck dropped, two of each team's feistiest players squared off to fight. Florida's Ryan Lomberg and Arizona's Jack McBain. Though not the biggest players on each team, both players put their best into the fight, both connecting with wild punches at times. McBain seemed to get the best of Lomberg, but both players battled until the referees broke it up.

Immediately after the puck dropped after that fight, another fight broke out, this time between Liam O'Brien and Jonah Gadjovich. This one featured more prominent fighters, especially including the wild O'Brien, but didn't get too far into an actual fight before the referees stepped in, probably wanting to get on with the actual game at that point.

Here's a look at the incident that started the bad blood between the two teams:

So far only in the first period, Florida has taken a commanding start and is defending their home ice against the Yotes with their fists and on the scoreboard. At the end of the first, the Panthers are already leading 3-0.
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Panthers and Coyotes look for revenge with multiple fights off opening draw

Did the referees break up the fights too quick?

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