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Oilers rank as the best overall team in hockey except for one critical stat

Published December 23, 2023 at 5:36 PM
As the 2023-2024 season continues for the Edmonton Oilers, it is clear as day that Ken Holland made one of the worst mistakes the GM could make. He put his faith in the wrong goaltender.

Currently, goaltending tandems are the way to go and with the grueling schedule they are necessary but the Oilers are lacking in that department.

With Jack Campbell continuing to bottom out in the American Hockey League, the whole season rests on the shoulders of Stuart Skinner. That seems unfair considering he was slated as the number two goaltender in the Oilers depth chart.

If Holland would have gone out and made the changes to acquire the goaltending needed to be a Stanley Cup contender the situation would have been far different.

To hammer this point home, Evolving Hockey tweeted a chart showing what league average goaltending would have done to the Oilers in terms of their overall play. The results are striking.

Having quality goaltending certainly gives the players a sense of calm and ease. It unlocks the offence and it allows them to do what they do best which is score goals. It also gives the defence a chance to settle the plays and clear the puck out of the zone knowing their goalie is stable.

There is no question in my mind that this is priority number one for Holland especially as the trade deadline approaches in the new year. This team would be one of the best teams in the league if better goaltending would have been on his radar.
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Oilers rank as the best overall team in hockey except for one critical stat

Is it time the Oilers find a new GM ?

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