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Oilers forward has made a distinct change that could change his year

Published December 23, 2023 at 3:26 PM
Every NHL coaches dream is to have a team that can have balanced scoring which helps take pressure off the stars when they're being checked into the ice. Oilers forward Ryan McLeod was looking to ignite his offence as for the past two months he has been struggling.

In the past few games, it was tweeted by Jason Gregor of the Jason Gregor show that McLeod made a simple change to his game where he is positioning himself better to shoot the puck and score more goals.

This is excellent news for the Oilers as the second line has begun to roll with McLeod and Foegele centering Leon Draisaitl one of the best centerman in the league. Having McLeod scoring will give the Oilers some more depth and a more dangerous look.

McLeod was drafted by the Oilers in 2018 in the second round, 40th pick overall. In the past 31 games, he has scored five goals with six assists for 11 points and is a + 1.

Over the past couple of weeks there has been talk throughout the league that the Oilers are in need of a new top six winger to help Draisaitl and that second line.

If McLeod is breaking out of his slump and now becoming a consistent scorer, this may turn down the temperature for a trade as he's on a 2-year $4.2 million deal with a cap hit of 2.1 million per season. That is certainly a bargain for a top six forward.
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Oilers forward has made a distinct change that could change his year

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