Oilers Coach Knoblauch behind the bench.
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Oilers coach Knoblauch makes a brilliant move with the team that directly leads to a win

Published January 17, 2024 at 9:33
Last night, the Oilers took on their cross country rivals in the Maple Leafs while looking for their 11th straight victory. The Leafs took the lead early, but late in the game the Oilers were able to come back from a 2-0 deficit, and then head coach Knoblauch made a brilliant lineup move which directly led to the winning goal.

With around three minutes remaining in the third period, the Leafs iced the puck while hemmed in their zone, and Knoblauch took the opportunity to pounce on the tired Leafs by deploying McDavid and Draisaitl, this time accompanied by Ryan McLeod. As fate would have it, McLeod found the puck and got to some open ice to fire home the game winning goal.

It proved to be a brilliant move by Knoblauch, and shows just how dialled in with his team he is. After missing last game with illness, Knoblauch had his finger on the pulse enough to see McLeod was buzzing and deserved the opportunity at the end of the game. Knoblauch made the move, McLeod made good on it, and everyone looks fantastic as the Oilers win their 11th straight.

It's these types of savvy coaching decisions that have been integral to giving the Oilers the necessary boosts to win games across their winning streak - and really ever since Knoblauch has arrived. Knoblauch's strong coaching has also helped the defence, and in turn, the goaltending has improved significantly. Since the coaching change, the Oilers have skyrocketed from near last place in the league back into a playoff spot, and looking more and more like a Stanley Cup Contending team.
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Oilers coach Knoblauch makes a brilliant move with the team that directly leads to a win

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