Scott Sabourin and Jarred Tinordi fighting.
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Two heavyweights square off for fight of the year candidate

Published January 16, 2024 at 8:21 PM
Tonight, the two worst teams in hockey faced off as the San Jose Sharks visited the Chicago Blackhawks, and still these two teams found a way to make the game interesting. Midway through the second period, two tough guys on each team dropped the gloves for one of the best fights this year.

Halfway through the second period, Hawks' Jarred Tinordi and Sharks' Scott Sabourin had a fast, fierce, and violent fight. The two enforcers traded absolute bombs back and forth for nearly a minute, circling about near the boards.

Both players were still standing as the fight came to an end, but Tinordi seemed to be the one to lay the most powerful blows, leaving Sabourin wobbling away.

With the length of the fight, the ferocity of the punches, and the amazing atmosphere from the crowd, this fight is already looking like it could be one of the best this season. Even in a game between two of the league's worst teams, they found a way to make it memorable with this fantastic fight.
January 16   |   169 answers
Two heavyweights square off for fight of the year candidate

Who won the fight?

Tinordi on the Hawks6739.6 %
Sabourin on the Sharks3721.9 %
No winner6538.5 %
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