Leon Draisaitl reading the opening lineup in the Oilers' locker room.
Photo credit: Edmonton Oilers Youtube

New video inside Oilers locker room shows team's crazy nickname for Skinner

Published December 29, 2023 at 1:54 PM
Although the Oilers may have started this season in a funk, sometimes you'd never know by seeing the confidence that exudes from their players - especially Leon Draisaitl.

In a new video released by the Edmonton Oilers ‘The Drop' Series, the team allowed for a video inside the locker room while Draisaitl read out the opening lineup and fired up the team in the process. Draisaitl is seen walking around the room announcing players in the lineup with energy and authority, but the intensity of the situation comes to a halt when he reached Stuart Skinner.

While most other players have more normal hockey nicknames, like «Kaner» for Kane or «Nuggy» for Nugent-Hopkins, Stuart Skinner has the wild name of «Skindaddy».

The entire video is a great look inside the personalities of the locker room, and especially at the leadership of Leon Draisaitl. Clearly commanding the team with the energy he does in the video speaks volumes as to how confident he is in the team, and what they can deliver on the ice. Hopefully, with Skindaddy providing some stability in the crease, the team has the capacity for a long playoff run.
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New video inside Oilers locker room shows team's crazy nickname for Skinner

Who has the best nickname on the Oilers?

Nuggy - Nugent-Hopkins7817.1 %
Skindaddy - Skinner15934.9 %
Ekky - Ekholm357.7 %
McJesus - McDavid18440.4 %
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