Connor Bedard evaluates the state of the Edmonton Oilers

Published December 12, 2023 at 2:29 PM
As tonight will be the first matchup of the year between the Chicago Blackhawks and Edmonton Oilers, plenty of comparisons are being drawn between the two generational talents in Connor Bedard and Connor McDavid.

Bedard's first visit to Edmonton comes just as the Oilers are beginning to turn their season around. After a tough start and firing their coach, the Oilers have now won seven straight games and are fighting to get their way back into a playoff spot. Despite their success now, it wasn't long ago that people doubted Edmonton's ability to get their season back on track. Now, Connor Bedard was asked his thoughts on the rocky start for the Oilers.

Bedard's answer was quite candid and funny, and expressed total faith in the Oilers' talent and ability to get back into the playoffs. He clearly has been dialled into the NHL the last few years, citing the Oilers as one of the top teams, and likely cup contenders.

All hockey fans should be in for a treat tonight to watch the pair of Connors face off for the first time. Against the rebuilding Blackhawks, the Oilers should be able to take care of business and extend their winning streak to eight games.
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Connor Bedard evaluates the state of the Edmonton Oilers

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