Mcdavid answers question about Bedard: «I don't give a»

Published December 12, 2023 at 12:33
For the first time tonight, the Chicago Blackhawks and their new generational talent in Connor Bedard will face off against the best player in the world, Connor McDavid.

Being the last ultra-hyped phenom before Bedard, many comparisons have naturally been made between the two Connors. However, McDavid seems to be over drawing comparisons between the two, or fawning over the young talent. When asked today if he had any advice for Bedard, McDavid chuckled and gave a wry answer.

I'll answer this question for the 1000th time I don't give a there's not much advice that goes on around the league.

As always when it comes to personal questions, even offering advice to a young star opponent, McDavid always tends to be guarded and not too willing to share his thoughts.

Regardless, it'll be fantastic hockey to watch tonight, as two of the league's most skilled players face off against each other.
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Mcdavid answers question about Bedard: «I don't give a»

Will Bedard be as good as McDavid?

Absolutely yes18423 %
They'll be close29737.1 %
No way32040 %
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