The NHL Has Been Sued For Cause of Death of a Former Player Linked to League Issues

Published February 7, 2023 at 12:47
The NHL is being sued again, and this time it's VERY serious, according to Rick Westhead, who has been TSN's top hockey analyst.

Steve Montador, a 12-year NHL veteran who played for the Calgary Flames, Florida Panthers, and Chicago Blackhawks, tragically passed suddenly on February 15, 2015. According to Rick Westhead of TSN, Steve was a hockey player who was born in Canada and had played since he was able to walk. However, his hockey career was compromised because of a significant amount of brain injuries.

Death. On February 15, 2015, Montador was found dead in his Mississauga home. According to his brother, "he just either stopped breathing or his heart went".

An autopsy found Montador's brain had been ravaged by the degenerative brain disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The only known risk factor for developing CTE is repetitive blows to the head.

Montador, born in Vancouver and raised in Mississauga, was a beloved teammate who played a physical brand of hockey and wasn't afraid to drop the gloves.

After his competitive days were over and his life moved away from the ice, Montador paid the price for all his concussions.

Rick Westhead went on to report the following:

New: An Illinois state judge has issued an order outlining a roadmap for a lawsuit filed by father of deceased player Steve Montador, who alleges NHL misrepresents dangers of repeated brain trauma.
All discovery to be finished early Jan 2024.
Trial in summer of 2024 is possible.

Westhead revealed more details, that truly make it seem like the NHL is in deep crap.

Montador suffered at least 11 documented concussions in NHL, inc. 4 in 12 weeks in 2012, his family has said.
(Steve actually had 19 documented concussions, Dr. Charles Tator told a govt hearing in 2019.)
Montador's father has been locked in an 8-year legal battle with the NHL.

Despite having four concussions in 12 weeks, he was still allowed to play. His father says that the torture he endured at the hands of numerous teams' medical staff contributed to his passing at the age of just 36, which is pretty tragic. I hope that justice is served.

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