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Former NHLer kicks another player in the face in overseas game

Published December 17, 2023 at 9:27
Yesterday, a horrific play from former NHLer Martin Frk came to light in a game in the Swiss pro league.

Frk was hit by an opposing player, and fell into his own bench with his legs in the air. That much is normal for hockey, but what came after was absolutely shocking. With his legs still in the air from the hit, Frk clearly began kicking his feet when he felt the other player nearby. He ended up just knocking the opposing player, who skated away clutching his face.

It's a horrific an barbaric play from Frk, and shows complete disregard for the safety of his opponent. Especially so soon after the Adam Johnson incident, all players have been wearing neck protection and have been more conscious of skate injuries. To see Frk even attempt this is absolutely disgusting and abhorrent. Fortunately, there's been no report of the other player suffering a significant injury.

Frk, now 30 years old, was drafted by the Detroit Red Wings in the second round of the 2012 NHL draft. Despite having great offensive success in the AHL, Frk's game never translated to the NHL, and he only registered 20 goals and 41 points across 124 games in his career. After playing in short stints for the Red Wings, Hurricanes, and Kings, he's now playing for Rapperswil-Jona Lakers in Switzerland.
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Former NHLer kicks another player in the face in overseas game

What should be the penalty for this play?

Automatic 10+ game suspension22029.8 %
Lifetime ban39653.7 %
Major penalty/game misconduct547.3 %
No penalty689.2 %
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