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Seattle forward throws a dangerous hit against a referee

Published December 17, 2023 at 8:21
Late during last night's game between the Los Angeles Kings and Seattle Kraken, a dangerous accident took place when a Seattle forward almost seriously hurt a referee.

In an awkward play going into the boards, the official found himself in Eeli Tolvanen's tracks, and when the player saw the ref, there wasn't time to correct his course.

Obviously, Tolvanen had no intention of making contact with the referee, and it was just an unfortunate and dangerous incidental contact. After the hit, Tolvanen immediately bent down to check on the ref, who was okay and could continue in the game.

With no one being actually injured on the play, we can now see it as nothing more than a funny circumstance.
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Seattle forward throws a dangerous hit against a referee

Should contact with a referee be an automatic penalty?

Yes, this is a penalty31353 %
No, that's ridiculous27847 %
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