Fans Are Calling For Ken Holland to do Something as McDavid Seems Furious in Interview

Published February 18, 2023 at 11:47 PM
The Edmonton Oilers managed to blow yet another lead on Friday night against the New York Rangers, the Oilers held a prominent 4-1 lead until the Rangers turned the jets on, to beat the Oilers 4-5 in a shootout which resulted in the Oilers losing streak to be extended to three games.

Connor McDavid on the other hand continued to thrive, earning himself two assists which lead to him hitting the 100 point mark, finishing the game with 2 points totalling 101 points on the season. This has been proven for the past little while that no matter how incredible Connor McDavid can be, he will not be able to carry this entire Oilers team on his back, he and other Oilers players are in need of reinforcements to help the playoff push.

As other teams are stacking up, like the Toronto Maple Leafs trading for Ryan O'Reilly, and the New York Rangers trade for Vladimir Tarasenko in a blockbuster deal, Ken Holland continues to hit snooze on his alarm clock, and refuses to believe that the Oilers need reinforcements.

Holland believes the issue is ''In the locker room'', and the Oilers can find it in themselves to fix it, while that could very well be the case, have fun attempting to take down a team in a seven game series that has a fully-built roster for playoff hockey. Connor McDavid also continues to show his displeasure, will Ken Holland finally wake up?

That was probably Connor McDavid's tersest media avail all season. He didn't seem like a happy camper. It's hard to blame him.

The Oilers fell to 2-1-3 since the ASG and dropped their seventh straight post-regulation decision.

Pierre LeBrun even spoke out, stating it's embarassing if Ken Holland does nothing as we are on year 8 of McDavid in Edmonton...

Pierre LeBrun saying: «it's not out of the picture he does next to nothing» regarding Holland and the trade deadline. That would be nothing short of embarrassing. Absolutely pathetic that we are in year 8 of McDavid and we are already getting briefs and PR that he may do nothing.

Well said LeBrun..
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