Edmonton Oilers Vs Vegas Golden Knights: Game 6 Still To Be Determined

Published May 13, 2023 at 8:24
The Edmonton Oilers are coming off a tough lose in Vegas, 4-3 final. As the Oilers now trail the series 3-2.

Stuart Skinner and the Oilers, allowed 3 goals in just under 2 minutes, the team did make a comeback but fell short.

Now, fans and players look to an important Game 6. Yet, the league still hasn't scheduled it.

It was understandable in the Los Angeles-Edmonton series, due to the Lakers/Clippers. But why does Edmonton have to wait to know when their game is? Especially when it's the only game scheduled for Sunday night.

For example, the Kraken and Stars series has a scheduled time for their Game 7 that might not even be necessary. This is not the first time this has happened to the Oilers, as I mentioned before. As multiple times throughout the Playoffs this year, the Oilers time slots have been either very delayed, had problems with them, or almost forgotten about.

The obvious time slot will be 8 p.m. but if it's obvious, then why is it so hard? What's preventing these games from being scheduled at the same time as all the other Playoff games and series. Not to mention, how do you have the Game 7 scheduled and in a time slot before Game 6?

The league needs to fix their scheduling process, as well figure out better ways to be on the ball. Not pushing everything till the last minute and hoping for the best.
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