New Canadian team emerges as frontrunner in Martin Necas trade talks

Noel Drolet
June 3, 2024  (7:59 PM)

Martin Necas with the Carolina Hurricanes
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The Calgary Flames are reportedly emerging as front runners to acquire Martin Necas, a star young center from the Carolina Hurricanes.

With Necas being shopped around by the Hurricanes, most teams have called to check in on his price. The most recent team to add to the list is the Calgary Flames, which makes a ton of sense for both teams right now.
Calgary is a fit that makes a lot of sense for all parties involved. First is the Hurricanes, who could get a sizeable return for Necas. It's no secret that they need goaltending and Markstrom wants to move to a contender. Markstrom would be a great fit with Carolina, and Calgary would most likely only have to give an additional pick and a player/ prospect. I could see the Hurricanes receiving a package along the lines of Markstrom, a second and Martin Pospisil.
This trade also works perfectly for the Flames, as they are seemingly trying to retool the lineup instead of a full rebuild. This has been shown by Calgary receiving Kuzmenko from the Canucks as part of the Lindholm trade, as they're also looking for productive players in return that they could choose to keep or flip to another team.
Necas would be an amazing fit for the Flames as well, as he can go there to play center like he really wants. He can play the first line center role in Calgary, and be a great piece on the first powerplay. His fast speed would be great for the Flames in an entry roll, and he would be amazing at bolstering the skills of the other Flames players.
The Hurricanes may complete a sign-and-trade with Necas so Calgary can lock him up for the full 8 year term. He'd be looking at 7-7.5M AAV on his next contract which the Flames could definitely give him. It'll be interesting to see where he goes since he currently has over half the league looking into his availability, but this fit would be fantastic for everyone involved.
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New Canadian team emerges as frontrunner in Martin Necas trade talks

Who says no in the mock trade? (Necas for Markstrom, a second and Pospisil).

Carolina says no3424.5 %
Calgary says no4129.5 %
Both say no4733.8 %
Both say yes1712.2 %
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