Elias Lindholm with the Vancouver Canucks
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Canucks close to moving Elias Lindholm in wild three-team trade

Published March 5, 2024 at 3:50 PM

With the massive blockbuster already made by the Canucks, their name has interestingly kept coming up in trade talks for all the big deadline pieces this year. It seems like they still want to go on and aggressively buy at the deadline. The Canucks have been pursuing Jake Guentzel hard this deadline, and Chris Johnston broke some unbelievable news over X today.

This trade series would be absolutely insane for the league. It's crazy when an elite player like Lindholm gets flipped, and even more so when they go from contender to contender.

This would be a massive risk for the Canucks, as they seem to value Jake Guentzel over Elias Lindholm. It makes sense for their team because they desperately need a top 6 scoring winger more than a strong two-way center. The team has been very good with the acquisition of Elias Lindholm, but they may look to flip him for assets if they think they can get a better deal out of taking Guentzel.

The other part of this trade is Boston, who has been in major need of an elite 1C. Boston was tied to (and the favourite to land) Elias Lindholm when he was on the market, so it's no surprise that he would still be a perfect fit for the team. The Canucks would want a first round pick and a prospect for Lindholm, and if they end up with a strong prospect they could have just made the trade flip of the decade.

It'll be interesting to see the decision that ends up being made, but this extended trade could end up making this deadline infinitely more interesting.
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Canucks close to moving Elias Lindholm in wild three-team trade

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Bruins47036.6 %
Penguins19114.9 %
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