Insider reveals teams interested in Tyson Barrie trade

Published December 7, 2023 at 1:15 PM
Earlier this week, the Nashville Predators made news when they decided to scratch their veteran defenceman Tyson Barrie - who publicly requested a trade soon afterwards. Now, an insider is reporting that the Predators' GM Barry Trotz has begun the process of looking for a trade, and has found some interested teams.

Trotz recently did a radio interview in Nashville where he commented on Barrie's trade request, and he didn't hold much back. Trotz lamented Barrie for having a poor response to the scratch and even his decision to leak the trade request publicly.

We talked to the agent and really disappointed it got out because there's only four people in the world that know about any conversation somehow it got out.

Needless to say, Trotz's response indicates that he's truly finished with Barrie on the Predators. In addition to poorly handling this trade request, Barrie has only produced 10 assists in 23 games, and has disappointed greatly with his defensive play, holding a rating of -5.

According to insider David Pagnotta's report, Trotz has begun the groundwork for a trade. Initially, the Dallas Stars, Winnipeg Jets, and New Jersey Devild have shown interest in Barrie - who doesn't have any trade protection. Moving Barrie's $4.5M to a cup contender may be difficult with the salary cap, and it's speculated that a third team could act as a financial broker in the deal. For now, we'll just have to wait to see how the deal unfolds, and if Barrie has played his last game in Nashville.
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Insider reveals teams interested in Tyson Barrie trade

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Dallas Stars4814.4 %
New Jersey Devils5616.8 %
Winnipeg Jets7723.1 %
Other15345.8 %
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