Paul Maurice calls out Kris Knoblauch for overturned offside goal

Liam McCormick
June 22, 2024  (7:10)

Panthers coach Paul Maurice
Photo credit: Edmonton Oilers YouTube

The Florida Panthers nearly got back into the game last night when Barkov scored early in the second, but the Oilers challenged for offside, and Panthers coach Paul Maurice was livid.

On the bench after the call was delivered, Maurice was livid and Panthers GM Bill Zito looked to be seething with anger. After the game, Maurice nearly called out Knoblauch by saying there was no way it should've been challenged.
The linesperson informed me that it was the last clip that they got where they made the decision that it shows it's offside . . . I was upset after the call, based on what I see at my feet. There was no way that I would have challenged that if it was reversed . . . I'm not saying it's not offside. We'll get stillframes, we'll bring in the CIA, we'll figure it out.
- Paul Maurice

Frankly, it's a little ridiculous for Maurice to say that he wouldn't have challenged the play at all. It was a crucial goal that was clearly close enough to be challenged, and not only that, but head coaches challenged based on what video coaches say into their ears. For Maurice to say that he would've never have challenged it, and insinuating he thinks it would've been wrong to do so, is real close to calling out Knoblauch and the Oilers staff.
The play was mere inches from being inside or offside, and through the pictures provided to the public, it doesn't look like a conclusive call - which means the goal call on the ice stands. Despite Maurice's comments, it seems that the NHL and the Oilers video coach had a conclusive look at the offside, so the goal was rightfully overturned.
After successfully defending home ice in Edmonton, the Oilers are right on the doorstep of one of the greatest comebacks in modern sports history. Even when down three games, the Oilers belief never wavered that they could crawl out of the whole - just like they did in the regular season this year after firing Jay Woodcroft. It's hard to think back on that time and imagine this is the same team that lost to San Jose, but they've truly learned their lessons, and their elite talent will never have them truly out of a game. Now this group is one win away from the first Stanley Cup in the McDavid era.
Source: Sportsnet
Paul Maurice discusses the Oilers coach's challenge in Game 6.
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Paul Maurice calls out Kris Knoblauch for overturned offside goal

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