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Utah NHL team unveils logos and jerseys plan for inaugural season

Published May 8, 2024 at 7:37 PM

Since the Arizona Coyotes relocation deal was made official, the ownership group in Utah has been hard at work preparing for the upcoming season. Immediately, the biggest things they need to make is a name and jersey.

Earlier tonight, the Utah owner Ryan Smith published an official fan vote to help decide the name of the team. Along with 20 potential names in the poll, Smith has revealed that they team will wear simply ‘Utah' as their logo for their inaugural season.

Many of the potential names have been leaked to the media previously, with fans already favouring some early front-runners. So far, it appears that Yeti, Mammoth, and Outlaws are the early leaders for their name.

Owner Ryan Smith has stated in previous interviews that the team may opt for a more neutral appearance in their first season, as they really want to nail down the branding before fully committing to their look. It's been very clear the entire time that any design decision made by Utah in their first year may just be entirely temporary.

Soon after their name is decided, the colour schemes and concepts for jerseys and merchandise will need to be set up in swift order. It's really an incredible feat that the Utah owners were able to get their team up and running so quickly.
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Utah NHL team unveils logos and jerseys plan for inaugural season

Do you think it's a good decision for the Utah NHL team to just use ‘Utah' as their logo and jersey next year?

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