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Sidney Crosby reportedly very unhappy with direction of Pittsburgh Penguins

Published March 6, 2024 at 7:01

The Pittsburgh Penguins have fallen completely out of the playoff race in recent weeks, now ten points out of the last wild card spot. The team is on pace to miss the playoffs for the second time in a row after making the playoffs for more than ten years straight, and now they're looking to sell off assets at the trade deadline starting with Jake Guentzel. According to new reports, Captain Sidney Crosby is very unhappy with the decision.

"Deep NHL insider: 'Sid's not gonna like it if Guentz is gone.'"

Crosby himself may be the sole bright spot still shining on this Penguins team which is now clearly over the hill. At 36 years old, Crosby's got an incredible 32 goals and 63 points and is entering the final season of his contract next year. There's been discussions that Crosby is interested in a short-term extension, but is there a possibility that could change?

Things don't look like they're going to get better for the Penguins anytime soon. They're now about to miss the playoffs for two straight years and begin to sell off young star players like Guentzel, who also happens to be Crosby's linemate. With this new report that Crosby is very unhappy with moving Guentzel and losing another season entirely, maybe he considers approving a move in the coming years.

It feels unlikely that an ultra-competitor like Crosby who's still an elite player at 36 years old would play out his final seasons on a team headed for a long rebuild. The only two teams Crosby has been linked to are the Colorado Avalanche to play with his friend Nathan Mackinnon or his childhood favourite team, the Montreal Canadiens. If the Colorado Avalanche can remain competitive for the next few years, and Crosby gets frustrated with missing the playoffs more often - it's very possible a move is made.
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Sidney Crosby reportedly very unhappy with direction of Pittsburgh Penguins

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