Sidney Crosby gets frustrated as Penguins hit rock bottom

Liam McCormick
March 4, 2024  (11:45)

Sidney Crosby doing a post game interview with the Penguins
Photo credit: NHL.com

Last year, the Pittsburgh Penguins missed the playoffs for the first time in 11 years with their core of players now well over their age curve. Despite the ageless Sidney Crosby still trying to carry the team, the Penguins hit rock bottom last night with a brutal 6-1 thumping by the Edmonton Oilers. After the game, Sidney Crosby was clearly holding back a bit when confronted with the reality of the rest of the Penguins season.

Crosby was clearly a bit agitated and frustrated after the brutal loss, and when accepting that the Penguins will miss the playoffs again this year, he almost couldn't accept it, saying the team still needs points before the deadline. The trade deadline is just four days away now, and the Penguins are ten points out of a playoff spot.
The Penguins GM Kyle Dubas was trying to hold on as long as he could to see if the team would show any hope of making a playoff push, but with three losses in their last three games, reports are now surfacing that the Penguins will sell as much as they can at the trade deadline, starting with Jake Guentzel.
It's almost tough to see Crosby and the Penguins crash and burn so hard after more than a decade of playoff dominance. GM Kyle Dubas has committed to keeping with the Penguins core for the next few seasons, but at this point it doesn't look like the playoffs will be in the equation for any of them. Crosby will enter the final year of his contract next season, and still reports have surfaced that he's interested in signing a short term extension for nearly $11M.
The current direction of the Penguins is just unsustainable at this point. It's unbelievable to say, but a Crosby trade could very much be in the cards at this point, unless his loyalty to Pittsburgh outweighs being in the playoffs to end his career. With 32 goals and 63 points in 59 games this year, Crosby's still doing his part - but the team may start to get gutted around him.
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Sidney Crosby gets frustrated as Penguins hit rock bottom

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