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Nikita Zadorov claims NHL rigs suspensions to favour Edmonton Oilers

Published May 14, 2024 at 2:48 PM

The end of game 3 between the Oilers and Canucks made headlines across the NHL as both teams came together for a scrum and exchanging nasty cross checks. Connor McDavid got caught with the worst cross check that resulted in a suspension, and now Zadorov is calling the NHL's decisions biased.

Zadorov and Soucy tag-teamed Connor McDavid for an awful cross check, but Zach Hyman came in afterwards and caught Zadorov high with another bad cross check. When asked about the NHL's suspensions today, Zadorov said the league needs to protect their investment, and he doesn't make slough money to earn attention from Player Safety.

»Sometimes social media and the public's views can create some hard decisions for specific people. They might make questionable decisions, but at the end of the day, they have to protect their investment.»

Zadorov was asked about the cuts above his eye, which he confirmed were from Hyman's cross check at the end of the game. When asked why Hyman wasn't suspended, Zadorov claimed the NHL doesn't care about him.

»I guess I don't make that much money for the league.»

Canucks only team to receive suspension and fine for Game 3 Scrum

Zadorov seems to be claiming that the NHL is making biased decisions with player safety due to the salaries of players - protecting their highest paid in Connor McDavid and not caring much about a depth defenceman like Zadorov. It's an absolutely ridiculous claim to make, especially with the existence of a Players' Association that represents more depth players than stars, but Zadorov still went there.

Zach Hyman absolutely did get away with a bad cross check on Zadorov, one that possibly could've resulted in a suspension. However, everyone knows the standard losers in playoff hockey - and frankly the Canucks should be thankful Soucy was only suspended one game for his vicious attack on McDavid. For his part in the altercation, Zadorov was also fined $5,000.

Between claiming the suspensions are biased, insulting the city of Edmonton, and being a very effective player for the Canucks, Nikita Zadorov has become a true villain for the Oilers and their fans. Tonight, the Oilers need to just shut out all the noise, and grab an all-important win in a dire situation.
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Nikita Zadorov claims NHL rigs suspensions to favour Edmonton Oilers

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