NHL insider reveals Mitch Marner may purposefully spite Leafs with next contract

Ryan Hall
June 16, 2024  (8:00 PM)

Leafs forward Mitch Marner
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Earlier today, NHL insider Chris Johnston revealed that Mitch Marner is content with playing out this season without a contract offer or accepting a trade, and going to free agency next year.

The fact that Mitch Marner is willing to play this right out until next summer and potentially chase free agency then, is very possible . . . At the end of the day, Mitch himself seems rather inclined to remain a Maple Leaf.

He was asked how surprised he would be if Mitch Marner remained with the Leafs after it was revealed just a few weeks ago that Maple Leafs management has everything on the table in terms of changing the roster construction of the team. CJ stated that accounting for all the variables and how complex this trade would be, he feels it's likely that Marner will remain a Maple Leaf into next year.
Marner has made it clear to Leafs nation, management at other pundits throughout the NHL that he wishes to remain a Toronto Maple Leaf through the remainder of his contract. During the negotiations with then general manager Kyle Dubas, Marner was able to secure the deal of a lifetime as he was issued a no movement clause, and just under $11 million a year.
That contract has caused nothing but havoc for the Maple Leafs as the team has put too much money into four players which has equated to over $40 million of the cap which is roughly 50%. The air of change is certainly within the Maple Leafs as fans feel that Marner would be enough to change if he were to be traded during the offseason.
Time and time again during the playoffs, Marner has come up short in his style of play, his aggressiveness into the opponents zone which has caused his line to collapse. The team also holds only one playoff win series in six tries during the Matthews - Marner era.
General manager Brad Treliving gave the impression that major change is on the horizon but with John Tavares and Mitch Marner refusing to move there no movement clauses it will be very difficult for the Maple Leafs to make the appropriate changes they need to make them a tougher, meaner and better playoff team which will lead to more success soon.
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NHL insider reveals Mitch Marner may purposefully spite Leafs with next contract

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