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NHL announcer makes hilarious mistake live on air

Published February 22, 2024 at 11:14

The NHL in Canada is only broadcast on the nation's two biggest networks, Sportsnet and TSN. As businesses, the two have a healthy and sometimes funny rivalry with each other. Last night on the Leafs' broadcast, host David Amber made a hilarious mistake while going to commercial, and shouted out the wrong company.

While the Sportsnet host was transitioning to commercial, he began announcing it was Leafs on TSN, but stopped himself just short of promoting their competition. Either Amber himself realized the mistake, or the broadcast hit the dump button to stop the shoutout of TSN on the wrong network. In the moments after, you can hear hear some confusion in the background.

Its extremely difficult to be on live TV constantly, and these honest mistakes happen every now and then. It's completely harmless, and really, it creates a hilarious moments for the viewers. But who knows? Maybe it was a Freudian slip and David Amber actually just prefers TSN!
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NHL announcer makes hilarious mistake live on air

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