Mitch Marner's agent tries to negotiate with Leafs through the media again

Liam McCormick
June 17, 2024  (1:59 PM)

Mitch Marner with the Leafs
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According to Darren Dreger this morning on TSN Radio, the Maple Leafs are now thinking extending Mitch Marner would be better than a trade.

I believe, based on people that I talk to, Marner's preference is to play out his contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs . . . And are we so sure that Toronto doesn't want to extend Mitch? I'm not, I think Treliving would rather extend than trade.

After years and years of failure to perform in the playoffs, this offseason it began to seem like the Leafs would entertain the idea of changing their core four players - likely Mitch Marner. Trade rumours have been around Marner since the Leafs were eliminated, but several insiders are beginning to say the team may extend him instead. Yesterday, Chris Johnston also reported that Marner remaining with the Leafs sounds like the most likely outcome.
If the Leafs have already gauged the trade market and found underwhelming returns for Marner, it makes sense that they would then begin to think about an extension. However, his last contract in Toronto was a publicly antagonizing process that resulted in an overpaid salary that Marner struggles to live up to when it matters most. In reality, the Leafs should only even think about extending Marner at something just below his current salary of $10.93M.
However, this sounds a lot like the previous negotiations between Marner and the Leafs already. Darren Dreger was a connected reporter during those talks, and often was said to have carried water for Marner's camp through his reports. These reports now could just be Marner trying to find a new deal with the Leafs. However, other sources have reported the same.
Is Marner sticks with the Leafs and Toronto runs back a near identical roster next year, a large portion of the fanbase may entirely tune out the season. For 8 years now this core has gone on to be a regular season success, and an abject playoff failure - every single time. Not changing anything but the coach isn't good enough. No one believes this roster can win.
Source: First Up TSN Radio
Darren Dreger on Mitch Marner
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Mitch Marner's agent tries to negotiate with Leafs through the media again

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