Canucks make final decision on re-signing Nikita Zadorov

Liam McCormick
June 14, 2024  (6:30 PM)

Nikita Zadorov with the Vancouver Canucks
Photo credit: Canucks Army

According to multiple sources in Vancouver, the Canucks have made their final contract offer to Nikita Zadorov before letting him walk in free agency.

On the Donnie and Dhali Show, Rick Dhaliwal explained that the Canucks will make their final offer to Zadorov soon, but sounds like it will be much less than what he believes he could get in free agency. If it comes down to money, Zadorov will walk away.
»A final offer is coming to Zadorov soon. The player and his agent would love to re-sign in Vancouver, but this is strictly about money. The Canucks just can't re-sign everybody, they don't have enough money. The fact that the Canucks are going to try and make it work with Zadorov tells you what they think of the Player.»

With the Canucks knowing Zadorov's asking price and that he will walk if it isn't met, their final offer will dictate whether they want to keep him. The Canucks likely can't afford to overpay him, so it seems likely he will walk.

Zadorov commanding high salary and term in free agent contract

Dhaliwal went on to explain that he believes Zadorov will fetch up to $6M for 6 years on the open market, and the Canucks simply can't match that offer. It feels like an overpay, but many teams would love to have a massive, physical, leader on their defence like Zadorov. His playoff performance of 4 goals and 8 assists in 13 games boosted his value immensely as well.
Currently, it sounds like the Toronto Maple Leafs are the leading team interested in signing Zadorov in free agency. The Leafs will have the salary cap space, a need for defence, and there's a familiarity with former Flames general manager Brad Treliving. Right now, it seems the Leafs would even overpay Zadorov to land him.
The Canucks will surely look a lot different next year losing some critical players to free agency, but they will be back in the playoffs. The team has taken great strides under Coach Tocchet, and took the Oilers to seven games without their elite starting goaltender Thatcher Demko. The Canucks will be back in the postseason again, with more experience under their belt.
Source: Donnie and Dhali Show
A final offer is coming to Zadorov soon
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Canucks make final decision on re-signing Nikita Zadorov

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