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BREAKING: NHL making major rule change to video reviews

Published March 19, 2024 at 11:08

This week, NHL GMs are gathering for one of a few meetings held throughout the year to discuss news and notes around the league. At a recent meeting, the topic on the agenda was the use of video review for penalties. According to TSN's Darren Dreger, NHL teams will soon have the ability to challenge puck over glass penalties and high sticks which didn't come from their team.

This is great news as it'll rectify what can be a very frustrating problem. Many times, a puck is shot over the glass that deflected on its way out, or a player will hit their own teammate with a high stick and draw a penalty against an innocent player. The NHL GMs have voted in favour of these changes, and now they just need to be approved by the competition committee and the board of owners. These new rules could be in place as soon as next season.

The ability to challenge these penalties with a video review will still irk some fans and executives who aren't fans of adding more video review and slowing down the game. While that is a valid point and these reviews should be done as fast as possible, it currently feels arbitrary as to what coaches can and can't challenge - so allowing challenges for high sticks and puck over glass penalties is only a fair change.

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BREAKING: NHL making major rule change to video reviews

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