Pospisil hitting Dunn
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BREAKING: Calgary Flames forward suspended for brutal hit from behind

Published March 6, 2024 at 6:56 PM

A few days ago, the Seattle Kraken visited the Calgary Flames for what became an incredibly heated game. Flames forward Martin Pospisil threw two massive questionable hits in the game, one against Adam Larsson and one against Vince Dunn. For his hit against Dunn, Pospisil has been suspended three games.

Pospisil clearly came in with speed against Dunn and didn't lay up to make contact with him directly from behind, sending him face first into the boards in a dangerous position. The onus is entirely on Pospisil here to not make hard contact here against a vulnerable player, but instead he plowed right through him.

Here's a look at the earlier hit against Adam Larsson:

Still, the decision to suspend Pospisil three games is a bit harsh and a baffling decision - because every decision that comes from George Parros' department is inconsistent. There have been plenty of worse hits that have gone unsuspended, and plenty of lesser hits and plays that are suspended for much longer. Their decisions make no sense to anyone at this point anymore. Perhaps this suspension was a bit of two for the price of one, also including some consideration for the hit on Larsson as well.
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BREAKING: Calgary Flames forward suspended for brutal hit from behind

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