Zach Hyman Reveals His Utter Disappointment in Playoff Loss to Vegas

Published August 10, 2023 at 12:55

Edmonton Oilers forward Zach Hyman has not minced his words when it comes to expressing his disappointment over the team's playoff exit last season. The sting of defeat at the hands of the Vegas Golden Knights in six games has left a lasting impact on the 31-year-old forward.

"Going into next year, I think everybody's mindset should be winning the Stanley Cup or it's a failure of a season,"
Hyman declared, addressing the collective determination within the Oilers locker room. He emphasized the urgency and determination that comes with the window of opportunity the team is currently in.

Hyman's sentiment is driven by the understanding that, in the realm of championship pursuits, there's no consolation prize for coming close.
"That's the reality of the window that we're talking about. There's no consolation prize. We're not going to feel any better,"
he asserted. The disappointment of last season's loss remains fresh and poignant for Hyman.

Reflecting on the aftermath of the playoff exit, Hyman shared,
"It's the worst I felt after a loss in my career, and it's not going to get better until you win."
These words underscore his unwavering commitment to reaching the pinnacle of bringing a championship to Edmonton.

As the Oilers gear up for the upcoming season, Hyman articulated the team's unwavering mindset.
"There are no excuses. We're returning the majority of our team. Management is going to do what management thinks they need to do to make our team better, and that's the mindset we have going into next year,"
he stated.

Hyman's candid remarks offer insight into the Oilers' renewed focus and determination as they prepare for the challenges and opportunities that the new season will bring. With his resolute attitude, along with the commitment of his teammates, the Oilers are poised to enter the next season with a collective goal: hoisting the Stanley Cup.

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Zach Hyman Reveals His Utter Disappointment in Playoff Loss to Vegas

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