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You won't believe what Evander Kane did for these 100 kids

Published December 10, 2022 at 0:19

There's no doubt that Edmonton Oilers star Evander Kane is one of the most controversial players in the NHL, mainly due to his off-ice decisions, some which were never proved to be true, but love him or hate him he's still a very good player.

So it's definitely a big loss for the Oilers after being injured last month. However, despite Being away with injury, the Oilers forward has decided to do something very special this holiday season.

Kane was leaked on social media Thursday as Kane took 100 Edmonton high school students on a major shopping spree. Kane gifted all the students with a Oilers Jersey and $250 each to spend on themselves on what ever they wanted for Christmas.


Kane gets alot of hate and all though it's mainly due to his own doing, this was very special and deserves major props for making these kids smile this holiday that's what Christmas is all about.
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You won't believe what Evander Kane did for these 100 kids

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