Trending Video Game Features Hidden Edmonton Oilers Message

Published September 22, 2023 at 9:57 PM

Edmonton Oilers Make Surprise Appearance in Popular Video Game

Starfield, the highly acclaimed action role-playing game set in an open-world Milky Way galaxy, has taken the gaming world by storm since its release just over a week ago. Available on Windows and Xbox Series X/S, it's become a fan favorite.

A Neat Discovery

Trevor Robb, lead digital editor for the Edmonton Sun and Edmonton Journal, stumbled upon a delightful surprise while playing Starfield. He took to X (formerly Twitter) to share his find: an Edmonton Oilers reference within the game.

Robb excitedly posted,
«Wait, what?! Edmonton is in Starfield!!! In a museum on the Saturday moon, Titan is a «championship ice hockey stick used on Earth in the city of Edmonton, Canada during a 1988 championship game.» Incredible!»

This reference harks back to the 1988 Stanley Cup Final between the Oilers and the Boston Bruins, where the Oilers secured their fourth championship in five years. Wayne Gretzky played a pivotal role, earning the Conn Smythe with his remarkable 12 goals and 43 points in 19 games. He had strong support from Mark Messier and Jarri Kurri, who contributed 34 and 31 points, respectively.

The Mystery Behind the Inclusion

While the exact reason for the Oilers' inclusion in Starfield remains a mystery, it's an exciting discovery by Robb. Perhaps it's a sign that the Oilers will once again claim championship glory, leading to another virtual representation in future editions of the game.
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