The former Canucks captain takes a shot at Canadian team

Published April 9, 2023 at 9:08

Bo Horvat was one of the pivotal players in the Vancouver Canucks lineup over the past number of years. His steady play and Point getting certainly warranted the Canucks looking at him for a contract extension.

After two back-to-back thirty goals seasons, however, Horvat rejected their offer. Numerous factors were part of this and one of them happened to be the atmosphere of where the Canucks are as an organization and the fact that they are spiralling downward into a speedy rebuild potentially.

At the end of tonight's game against the Flyers, Horvat was asked the question about how he felt it was like to be part of a playoff push and this was his response.

I have always felt that the Canucks made the wrong choice by not betting on Horvat and giving him what he asked for. After being traded to the Islanders, general manager Lou Lamoriello gave him an 8-year $68 million contract extension. His new cap hit will be $8.5 million from 2023 through 2031.

Safe to say that Horvat doesn't think very much of his former team and I don't blame him.
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The former Canucks captain takes a shot at Canadian team

Did the Canucks make a mistake not offering what Bo Horvat wanted ?

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No3321.4 %
Didn't matter , He wanted out4730.5 %
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