The Vegas Golden Knights Honor Their Deceased Fan With This Amazing Gesture

Published September 15, 2023 at 2:13 PM

The Vegas Golden Knights were the original underdog team, made up of misfits who came together to go to the Stanley Cup Finals. They have maintained their passion for the team and their fans as shown below.

On June 10th, 2021, Golden Knights superfan Michael Bronowitz attended the Knights' 6-3 victory over the Colorado Avalanche, sending the team to their third consecutive Western Conference Finals.

He posted a picture of himself and his wife at the game, celebrating his 51st birthday.

A lifetime of hockey. 1st game on my birthday! Couples that VGK together stay together. Get it done at home boys!
#VGKallTheWay #PlayoffBeard

On June 30th, 2021, Golden Knights fan Michael Bronowitz passed away.

Before he passed, he told his wife Connie that if VGK ever won the Cup his wish was for it to be brought to his grave.

If anything should happen to me, and the Golden Knights win the Cup, you have to bring it to my grave.

Two years later, VGK president Kerry Bubolz did it.

Originally a diehard Rangers fan, Bronowitz said he would bleed blue for as long as he lived. As a result of a life change in 2011, he moved to Vegas. His first Golden Knights jersey was #24 Oscar Lindberg, an expansion pick from the Rangers, as he wanted to represent both teams.

A hard-core hockey and Vegas fan, Bronowitz used to hang out in Section 18 in T-Mobile Arena and would chat puck with anyone.

Tragically, he died from SARSCOV2 only three days after he watched his favorite team advance. As he knew his time was limited, he asked his wife to listen to one of his last wishes. He wanted her to bring something of significance from a Knights cup run, should they win it, to his grave.

Two years later, Kerry Bubolz, President of the Golden Knights, was able to fulfill Bronowitz's request as he sacrificed two days to deliver the cup to Bunker Memorial Gardens.

He would personally deliver the Cup to his grave in Bunker Memorial Gardens, the Henderson Police Department, and UMC Hospital on September 8th.

As Bubolz carried a speaker with the cup through the Memorial Gardens, their iconic John Wick music played. On Bronowitz's grave, he would set it down and take a picture of it with his favorite Golden Knights hat.

In addition to visiting Kenny Lee's grave, Bubolz also visited the grave of another Golden Knights fan who passed away in a car accident in 2022.

A gesture like this shows how teams and their fans enter bonds that are often unbreakable, and Bubolz embodied this sentiment with class.

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The Vegas Golden Knights Honor Their Deceased Fan With This Amazing Gesture

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