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The Edmonton Oilers may have to make a huge decision regarding Winger Connor Brown

Published October 27, 2023 at 11:38

Edmonton Oilers believe they're still Stanley Cup contenders and have high expectations for themselves.

Nevertheless, one of their recent acquisitions has gone pointless in 5 games, setting off alarms. Connor Brown may still be recovering from his injury, but expectations remain the same: "Cup or Bust.".

He may be struggling with his recent demotion to the 3rd line and constant switching between the 1st and 3rd lines. His effectiveness on the Oilers is therefore being questioned.

After five games, the forward's signing bonus would kick in, which should cause concern for the Oilers.

Games played are what determine Brown's bonuses, not performance. It is possible that he could earn $3.225 million as a result of playing ten games. The Oilers could be severely cash-strapped as a result.

In order to get Brown $4 Million for the season, the bonus wasn't actually a bonus, but a way to circumvent the salary cap.

Brown could be demoted or waived to overcome the team's current struggles, but that could anger Connor McDavid since he didn't structure the contract himself.

So the team may have to think outside the box to solve the Connor Brown situation, which may involve sending him to the AHL with Raphael Lavoie replacing him.

Regardless of the solution, Brown's lack of production will require attention one way or another.

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The Edmonton Oilers may have to make a huge decision regarding Winger Connor Brown

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