The Edmonton Oilers Have Made Their Final Decision on a Young Star

Published September 10, 2023 at 1:21 PM

Edmonton Oilers' Philip Broberg to Get More Ice Time

The Edmonton Oilers have changed their stance on Philip Broberg. Previously rumored to be on the trading block, the team now plans to provide Broberg with increased ice time to aid in his development.

Broberg, a Swedish defenseman drafted by the Oilers in 2019, took a patient route to the NHL, playing in the SHL and representing Sweden in international competitions. He made his North American debut in the 2021-22 season, dividing his time between the NHL and AHL.

The upcoming 2022-23 season is seen as pivotal for the 22-year-old Broberg. The Oilers' management is discussing a more prominent role for him on the team.

This change suggests that the Oilers believe in Broberg's potential and want to see if he can step up. Instead of considering trade options, they are looking to maximize his abilities, possibly replacing established top-four defensemen like Cody Ceci or Brett Kulak.

While both Broberg and Kulak are left-shot defensemen, Broberg may ultimately take Kulak's role to better utilize his strengths.

In addition to player development, the Oilers' decision has financial implications. They might carry fewer players on the active roster due to potential salary cap constraints. Broberg's cap hit is manageable at $863,000, whereas Kulak's contract carries a $2.75 million annual salary through 2025-26.

The Oilers are investing in Broberg's growth and giving him a chance to prove himself with increased ice time. Rather than exploring trade options, they are focused on his potential, making Broberg a player to watch during the preseason and early regular-season games.
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The Edmonton Oilers Have Made Their Final Decision on a Young Star

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