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The Edmonton Oilers Are Trending For a Recent Appearance on Their Broadcast!

Published December 12, 2022 at 2:34 PM

The Edmonton Oilers have not failed to recognize the culture, talent and creativity of Indigenous communities across the world.

The Edmonton Oilers announced Indigenous Celebration Night last season, and it went great! The Oilers welcomed a number of Indigenous leaders and community members for for the celebratory night that took place last season, which featured Ashley Callingbull from Enoch Cree Nation, Logan Alexis Singers, and also Indigenous Children Dancers.

Despite the Oilers hosting that event last season on November 28th, they continue to honour the indigenous community each and every chance they can, like during Wednesdays game against the Minnesota Wild, which can be viewed below:

"The Edmonton Oilers are proud of their long-standing relationship with the Indigenous peoples of Oil Country, and the club will never forget the history and communities of the land they play on," said Tim Shipton, Executive Vice President, OEG Sports & Entertainment. "We are honoured to celebrate the Indigenous people and communities across Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories, and we are ever grateful to have such a passionate and supportive Indigenous fanbase." Said NHL.COM's write up regarding the Oilers organization and there bond with various communities.
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The Edmonton Oilers Are Trending For a Recent Appearance on Their Broadcast!

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