Spittin' Chiclets speaks on how Bedard was affected by Perry rumours

Published December 7, 2023 at 7:02 PM
Coming into the NHL at just 18 years old as the face of an original six franchise, Connor Bedard has high expectations to live up to - even before ridiculous rumours began swirling on the internet.

When Corey Perry was asked to leave the team and before the Blackhawks' investigation concluded, many rumours spread of Perry being involved with Bedard's mother. Now that Perry's alcohol problem is public knowledge and he's had his contract terminated by the Blackhawks, most people feel awful that Bedard was subject to such terrible rumours of his personal life. The Spittin' Chiclets recently weighed in and showed their support and praise for how Bedard handled it.

Paul Bissonette in particular dishes out harsh criticism for anyone who perpetuated those rumours, especially in the context of being directed at the youngest superstar in the league. The show went on to praise Bedard for his professionalism, essentially not responding to any rumours or allowing the outside noise to affect his game.

For Bedard, this can just be a bump at the beginning of a legendary career, and it's commendable how well he's powered through these rumours at his age. It speaks to his mental fortitude, his competitiveness, and how strong his career projects to be.
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Spittin' Chiclets speaks on how Bedard was affected by Perry rumours

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