Tobias Bjornfot with the LA Kings
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Recent former first round pick claimed on waivers

Published January 4, 2024 at 12:12
Moments ago, news broke that the Vegas Golden Knights made a successful waivers claim on defenceman Tobias Bjornfot.

Bjornfot was placed on waivers yesterday by the Los Angeles Kings while they made a roster move to bring up their highly ranked prospect Brandt Clarke. However, Bjornfot is still a prospect in his own right, and the Golden Knights may have made a savvy move making a claim on him.

Still just 22 years old and drafted 22nd overall by the Kings in 2019, Bjornfot has already accumulated 117 games played in the NHL. His development was arguably rushed by the Kings, but still, Bjornfot has developed into a solid defensive defenceman in the NHL - he just doesn't have the offensive firepower one would expect from a first round pick. Over his career, Bjornfot has just one goal and 15 points.

With a cap hit of just $775K for the next two seasons, it's surprising that no other team before Vegas in the waiver order was willing to take a chance at altering Bjornfot's development. Now, we'll just have to wait and see if Vegas can find a way to unlock the potential in Bjornfot.
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Recent former first round pick claimed on waivers

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