Potential Draisaitl Extension Revealed

Published August 27, 2023 at 0:16

It came as no surprise when Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs announced a four-year contract extension worth $13.25 million per season. This announcement prompted discussions about other players who are also nearing contract extensions.

In the upcoming years, several players, including Mitchell Marner, Connor McDavid, and Leon Draisaitl, will require contract extensions if they can reach agreements with their respective teams. Among these players, Draisaitl is the closest to securing a new contract. He will be eligible next summer to secure himself a new deal.

Like other NHL players, Draisaitl communicates the customary commitment to his team's long-term success in interviews with cameras and reporters.

With that said, there is speculation from sources like points.com that Draisaitl's contract could exceed Matthews', likely averaging around $14 million per season.


It remains uncertain whether Draisaitl will opt for a short-term agreement spanning three to five years or commit to an eight-year contract, seeking security and the reassurance that he won't need to explore other options.
Team owners will face the pivotal decision of whether to retain both McDavid and Draisaitl or potentially part ways with one of them to achieve a more balanced salary cap structure for the team.

It's a reasonable assertion that if Draisaitl were to enter the open market, he would command a substantial salary given his consistent performance as one of the premier forwards in the NHL.
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Potential Draisaitl Extension Revealed

Will Leon Draisaitl be north of 14 million for his extension?

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