Podcast's Worst Take on Evan Bouchard goes viral

Published August 10, 2023 at 9:51

A year after a great season, Evan Bouchard is in the midst of re-signing with the Edmonton Oilers.

Now with Ryan McLeod signed, the team now has the ability to focus on making sure Evan Bouchard gets taken care of.

OilersNation just lost all of it's credibility after this moronic take

Close the company down and move across the world, to save yourself the shame and embarrassment

This podcast is full of nerds that think they know hockey, get them away from the team

The OilersNation team, however, has very little faith in Bouchard's abilities as a puck-moving, power-play specialist defenseman.

As far as they're concerned, he's "Just OK" and the team's "6 defensemen" even ahead of Ceci, so they shouldn't give him much cap space.

Bouchard deserves a raise, considering his performances this season, including 17 points and 13 assists in 12 games with stretches of brilliance.

There's a good chance the OilersNation needs to upgrade their prescription glasses.
August 10   |   96 answers
Podcast's Worst Take on Evan Bouchard goes viral

Is Evan Bouchard really the Oilers #6 defenseman?

Yes3132.3 %
No5658.3 %
NO99.4 %
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