P.K Subban Calls Out Mark Messier and Chris Chelios For 'Gloating'

Published April 8, 2023 at 10:44 PM

P.K. Subban has transitioned smoothly from his playing career in the National Hockey League to becoming a broadcaster for the NHL on ESPN.

Subban's 'infectious' personality that he displayed during his time in the NHL has continued to shine in his broadcast career, both on and off the air.

Recently, Subban shared a short video on social media playfully calling out former players Chris Chelios and Mark Messier for 'gloating' with the Stanley Cup in the studio. In the video, Subban humorously remarked, "Big party for these guys huh? Gloating over here, drinking out of the Cup, it's crazy."

Despite his choice of words, it was evident from Subban's tone and comments that he was not genuinely irritated but rather, putting over the accomplishments of his legendary co-hosts while making light of himself for not winning a Stanley Cup of his own. Subban's ability to inject humor and personality into his broadcasting adds a refreshing touch to the NHL on ESPN.

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P.K Subban Calls Out Mark Messier and Chris Chelios For 'Gloating'

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