Old video found of McDavid's rookie camp.

Published April 3, 2023 at 9:50

When all the correct numbers fell, and the Edmonton Oilers won the draft lottery In 2015 to draft the next mega superstar of the NHL in Connor McDavid all fans of the Oilers nationwide were giddy and ecstatic.

Since his entrance into the league, he has put on an amazing show of stats and skill that very few players can match throughout the league. Recently some old video surfaced on Instagram showing how great McDavid was at rookie camp.

The pure talent that this player has and the fact that his name was mentioned well before he was available for draft age shows how far player development has come along over the years and how it's important that players develop these skills such as hand-eye coordination speed and other height and skills they have.

Now with the Oilers locked up in a playoff spot, they can now focus on their first-round opponent once determined and hope they can make a strong push for the Stanley Cup.
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Old video found of McDavid's rookie camp.

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