Oilers Star players Stay Hungry for the Upcoming Season

Published August 2, 2023 at 0:03

When an NHL organization falls short of its playoff aspirations and misses the chance to compete for the Stanley Cup, disappointment and frustration naturally set in. Last year, the Oilers were among the teams that had high hopes for a deep playoff run, as several top-seeded teams were unexpectedly eliminated in the first round.

However, their journey came to an end when they faced the formidable Vegas Golden Knights. The loss left a lasting impact on many Oilers players, including McDavid, Draisaitl, and Hyman. Despite the setback, they are using it as motivation to better prepare for the upcoming season.

During Zach Hyman's charity golf tournament in North York, ON, McDavid, Draisaitl, and Hyman openly discussed their feelings about last year's loss and their determination to improve this season.

"I don't know if you ever fully get over it. It becomes a learning experience, and we're using it as motivation throughout the summer."

Draisaitl echoed McDavid's sentiment, acknowledging that the disappointment never truly fades away, but it can serve as a driving force to be better each year. He said,
"You've got to look forward and move on. We've spent time processing the loss, and now it's time to focus on the next season and strive to improve."

Hyman, who has been with the team for two years, revealed how the consecutive losses to the Vegas Golden Knights hurt.

He stated, "We were so close, right there. It stings because the team we lost to went on to win the Cup. But it's a motivation for next year; we know we're right there, and we need to keep pushing and improving."

As true competitors, the Oilers understand the importance of analyzing their past performances and using them as learning opportunities.

Draisaitl emphasized the need to learn from the series against Vegas, acknowledging both teams' strengths. He said,
"We are a strong team, and so are they. Every playoff team has a chance to win, as we saw last season. We must learn from our mistakes and ensure they don't happen again."

The Oilers are eager to make necessary adjustments and prepare for a successful season with the goal of a long playoff run. The Oilers players' determination to learn from their past experiences and use them as motivation for the upcoming season demonstrates their commitment to improving and achieving their playoff aspirations.

As they participate in charitable events like Zach Hyman's golf tournament, they remain connected to their community and focused on achieving their goals on and off the ice. With hard work, dedication, and a hunger for success, the Oilers are poised to make a strong push in the coming season.
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Oilers Star players Stay Hungry for the Upcoming Season

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