Oilers Officially Complete Risky Roster Move and Fans Are Relived

Published October 9, 2023 at 12:25

Oilers Fans are relived after today's roster move

The Edmonton Oilers made an eyebrow-raising roster move by placing their top prospect, Raphael Lavoie, on waivers yesterday. This surprising decision left fans on edge, fearing that Lavoie would be quickly claimed by another NHL team.

However, a bit of roster maneuvering and some good news arrived as Lavoie successfully cleared waivers today.

The initial reason for this risky move was a roster size issue caused by an injury to defenseman Markus Niemeläinen. NHL rules stipulate that injured players cannot be placed on waivers. This predicament forced the Oilers to make a difficult choice, and Lavoie found himself on waivers.

The anxiety among Oilers fans was palpable as they waited to see if Lavoie would be picked up by another team. His potential and promise as a young talent had many concerned about losing him to a waiver claim.

Today's news of Lavoie clearing waivers has brought a sense of relief to the Oilers' faithful. He has officially cleared and has been sent to the Condors of the AHL. While the situation was indeed a risky one, it appears that the team will retain their promising prospect. As the Oilers navigate through a challenging season, Lavoie's development will be closely watched by fans, who can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing he remains part of the organization.

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Oilers Officially Complete Risky Roster Move and Fans Are Relived

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