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Oilers Fans Furious: Goal Gets Called Back After They Celebrate Win

Published December 15, 2022 at 10:06 PM

The Edmonton Oilers scored a game winning goal in overtime against the St.Louis Blues, the Blues proceeded to skate off the ice and so did the Oilers - until the NHL phoned Rogers place scorebox and notified them that there may have been an offside on the play.

The video review came back, and they determined it was offside, meaning NO GOAL- but this same exact play was a good goal for the Colorado Avalanche in the playoffs last year.. take a look.

The official NHL rulebook states if the player has possession of the puck, it is a good goal.

The NHL determined the best player in the entire world, Connor McDavid, didn't have possession of the puck.

Okay, one brutal call, there is no way they can make another one?

Just moments after they called back Draisaitl's OT winner, they did not call a penalty when McDavid got dragged down to the ice from a illegal cross check, which then lead to the Blues nearly putting the game away.

The Blues may have won in a shootout, but many are saying the referees are the one that really took the win for the Blues.
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Oilers Fans Furious: Goal Gets Called Back After They Celebrate Win

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