Oilers Fans Are Being Called Out Over Attacking Injured Player

Published April 21, 2023 at 8:18 PM

Edmonton Oilers fans are facing criticism after taking to social media to celebrate a controversial bodycheck by Connor McDavid on Los Angeles Kings defenseman Mikey Anderson. The hit caused Anderson to suffer a tough injury and forced him to leave the game, leaving fans split on whether the hit was clean or dirty.

While Anderson is not a popular player among Oilers fans, for injuring Draisaitl during last years playoffs, celebrating his injury is not acceptable behavior. Fans must remember that players are human and injuries can have a significant impact on their lives and careers. It's important to show respect for all players, even if they are opponents.

The Oilers are a talented team with a passionate fan base, but incidents like this can tarnish their reputation. Fans need to remember that their behavior can reflect on the team as a whole and strive to be positive and respectful both in person and online.

In the end, the focus should remain on the game and the players' performances rather than injuries or personal grudges.
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Oilers Fans Are Being Called Out Over Attacking Injured Player

Should Oilers fans stop celebrating injuries?

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