Oilers Connor Brown Is Actually a really great guy and maintains relationships with maple leafs staff

Published October 16, 2023 at 9:27 PM

The last time Connor Brown played in Toronto was more than a few years ago. In spite of this, he maintains friendships with the staff as much as he can.

On Hockey Night In Canada, Brown appeared with Louis DeBrusk and Scott Oake in the After Hours segment.

During his time in the league, he would elaborate on his relationships with the duo. A friend of Brown's was long-time Toronto Maple Leafs equipment employee, "Pistol" Peter Flagler, who has Down's syndrome.

According to a documentary done by Christine Simpson in 2018, Brown and Flagler's friendship began in high school and persisted as Flagler joined the Maple Leafs staff and Brown was drafted.

«Pete is such a great guy, he cares so deeply,» said Brown. «He'll call me all the time and is like ‘how is this guy?'he cares about everyone, he'll ask you how 20 guys are he's such a special person and so uplifting. Friendships like that keep everything in perspective for you and I'm blessed to have him in my life.»

Both Brown and Flagler played for the Marlies at the same time, with Flagler playing in the AHL at the time.

Flagler and Brown maintain a regular contract despite Brown's travels around the league from team to team.

«Uncle Dougie had Down Syndrome and he lived with [my dad] growing up,» said Brown. «My dad was really close with Uncle Dougie and so that kind of was passed along to me, the love of the Down Syndrome community.»

«They are really great people. When you get to know them they are like nothing else, they are so funny and so uplifting,» Brown added.

He grew close with his Uncle Doug because he lived with Brown and his dad for a while, and he had Down syndrome. As a result, Brown has maintained a strong connection to the community.

He was also promoted to the Maple Leafs' equipment staff over time, where he is an assistant.

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Oilers Connor Brown Is Actually a really great guy and maintains relationships with maple leafs staff

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