Norris trophy to Darnell nurse? John Scott thinks so.

Published April 11, 2023 at 5:41 PM

As the end of the NHL season is on the horizon and with the playoffs about to begin in the next few weeks, many NHL fans discuss the Norris trophy and how it's chosen.

Ever since the trophy was adopted, the criteria for winning is the most points as a defenseman. Fans accepted that for many decades, however, that thinking is beginning to shift as people feel the Norris trophy should be one based on a more all-around defensive play or a second trophy should be awarded.

Former NHL player John Scott weighed in on the conversation and had a very interesting take on who he thinks should be the winner of the Norris this year.

Scott feels that there are bigger questions to be asked regarding the Norris trophy and whether is it more than strict points. He feels a player like Darnell Nurse would be overlooked because of his lack of scoring however his overall defensive play he felt should consider him.

In my opinion, there should be two trophies for defence. One should be for strict points as the most offensive defenseman as well as there should be a second trophy for the most all-around defensive defenseman.

It remains to be seen if the NHL would ever endorse such a change, but I feel it would be a good move and give many more defensemen more consideration.

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Norris trophy to Darnell nurse? John Scott thinks so.

Should the NHL adopt a second trophy for best defensive defenseman to compliment the Norris?

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No6126.4 %
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