NHL department of safety reveals views on McDavid hit.

Published March 31, 2023 at 11:03 PM

With the magical season that Connor McDavid is having, one can hope that there is no blight on his record in terms of major hits or suspensions. During last night's game against the Los Angeles Kings, however, there was a possibility that this could happen.

The Oilers superstar was breaking into the Kings' end and lined up Kings defenseman Mikey Anderson for a rather large hit. McDavid levelled him and it took several minutes for Anderson to recover.

After much debate from the referees, they gave McDavid a 2-minute boarding penalty. The Kings did not score on this power play and the Oilers won the game 2-0.

During and after the game, the hit drew fire on Instagram and Twitter from kings fans thinking that this hit should have deserved much more punishment.

Today after reviewing the incident the NHL department of safety felt there was no need for further action and discipline.
for the hit itself, I would leave it to the fans to decide what they feel was right or wrong.

The Oilers will be at home for their next game against the Anaheim Ducks who they will play on April 1st and game time will be at 10:00 PM eastern
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NHL department of safety reveals views on McDavid hit.

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